Hinkley Skate Park

283 Busse Highway • 847-692-5127

Calling all skateboarders, roller skaters, rollerbladers and BMX riders. Hinkley Skate Park is your place to ride and develop your techniques!

The Skate Park at Hinkley is edged by 150 feet of concrete curbing with a metal grinding edge that offers approximately 7,500 square feet of skating area. The Skate Park offers multiple areas to accommodate skaters and bikers of all skill levels.

Hours of Operation:  Dawn to 10:30pm


  • 12’ wide by 5’ high half pipe
  • Approximately 40’ of 4’ high quarter pipe
  • 24’ of 5’ high quarter pipe
  • 12’ wide by 4’ high spine ramp
  • One bank to bank ramp
  • Two 4’ launch boxes
  • One 5’ launch box
  • Three pyramids, one with a grind rail
  • Two grind boxes
  • Two stand alone grind rails
  • Several launch ramps
  • Skate table
  • Washrooms and benches

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Hinkley Skate Park

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